Journal Articles

“The Business of News in the Attention Economy: Audience Labor and MediaNews Group’s Efforts to Capitalize on News Consumption.” Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism. doi:10.1177/1464884917719145.

“From Theorizing Digital Labor to Digital Class Struggle: Revisiting U.S. Communication Policy and the Political Economy of Communication.” International Journal of Communication.

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“The Ideology of Uncritical U.S. Journalism: Its Political-Professional and Political-Economic Roots.” Media Research: Croatian Journal for Journalism and the Media 17 (1-2): 141-162.

Book Chapters

“Recovering Audience Labor from Audience Commodity Theory: Advertising as Capitalizing on the Work of Signification.” In Explorations in Critical Studies of Advertising, edited by James F. Hamilton, Robert Bodle, and Ezequiel Korin, pp. 42-53. Routledge, 2017.

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Working Papers

“Reviewing the Audience Commodity Debate to Begin Anew: Audience Labor from the Audience Commodity to Digital Labor.”

Work In Progress

Book in Development

The Political Economy of Attention. [Book proposal in development].

Journal Special Issue in Development

Method and Methodology in the Political Economy of Communication [Special issue in development, with co-editor Thomas Corrigan].

Article Manuscript in Progress

“Communication, Capitalism, and Attention: A Reconceptualization.”

“Capitalizing on Attention: Recognizing a Long Struggle for Control in Communication History”

Research in Progress

“YouTube and the Problem of the Attention Economy: From “Broadcast Yourself” to “Watch This!”

“The Struggle to Capitalize on Communication, The Struggle Against Communication as Capital? Amazon, Hachette, Authors United, and Readers United.”